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  • Diabetes & Physical Therapy Today January 15, 2015

    pic1A recent statistic from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the incidence of Type II Diabetes has increased by over 1 million newly diagnosed cases per year since 2000.

    In the United States, our cost to treat type II DM along with secondary and tertiary diagnosis that are a result of, have ballooned to unreasonable proportions.
    Usually Type II DM results from a combination of poor nutrition with a lack of exercise or activity.

    Contributing factors leading to further complications result from individual habits and environmental factors. Smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, etc. are some of the common contributing factors.

    Insulin, which is ...

  • ACL Injuries in Young Athletes July 8, 2014

    ACLINJURY-AxiomSeveral studies have shown that female athletes have a higher incidence of ACL injury than male athletes in certain sports. It has been proposed that this is due to differences in physical conditioning, muscular strength, and neuromuscular control. Other suggested causes include differences in pelvis and lower extremity (leg) alignment, increased looseness in ligaments, and the effects of estrogen on ligament properties.

    What is an ACL injury?
    – ACL injuries are classified as sprains or tears
    –¬†Grade 1 sprain: mild trauma to the ligament. The knee joint is still stable but the ligament may be slightly stretched.
    –¬†Grade 2 sprain: moderate damage. That ligament has become ...

  • Little League Elbow July 2, 2014

    ACLINJURY-AxiomWhat is little league elbow?
    Little league elbow is an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow or the medial apophysis (a growth plate in the elbow). A third condition called osteochondritis dissecans are bone and cartilage fragments that loosen and detach within the elbow. In pre teens and early adolescence, these structures are still developing and are predisposed to repetitive forces, yielding greater probability of high risk injuries.

    What are the causes?

    All past and current studies point towards overuse. Overuse is no longer considered just pitch count. Overuse is the total number of rotations the child throws. Very similar to revolutions on a car ...

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